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About Founder

 Dr.Saed Ahmadi is the Manager and Owner of Payammehr Psychology and Counselling Center. This center was established in 1999 under license from National Youth Organization and Iranian Psychological and Consulting Organization in Tehran/Iran.This Clinic offers consultations service to adults, children and families.

Dr.Saed Ahmadi holds PHD degree in Clinical psychology.
He also have a great scientific background with a large number of research projects and outstanding articles including:
  • A study on the mental status of Tehran citizens.
  • A study on the problems prevailing among high school graduated youth.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorders following missile attacks on residential areas across the country.
  • A study on the effects of exciting games and leisure activities on the mental status of youngsters and adolescents.
  • A comprehensive research project on addiction in Tehran.
  • Standardization of SCL 90 mental status evaluation test with large number of samples.
He has 26 years of experience in psychotherapy using hypnotism and Yoga with brilliant results in anxiety and mood disorders, obsessive- compulsive disorders as well as addiction and drug abuse.

He is also the author of the famous Persian book “How to Control Negative Thought, Fears and Anxiety Disorder”.

This clinic currently (as of 2010) has 7 Psychologists/Consultants and 1 Psychiatrist.
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