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  Payammehr psychology and counseling center proudly introduce a collection of its most useful and practical publications. You may procure these books from counseling centers, books stores and sales agencies across the country.

There are also home delivery services and you may contact us to put an order.

Addiction and Drug Abuse, quit smoking with Hypnosis
Drug abuse is undoubtedly one of the most important problems of the society nowadays.
In this book you will learn about the definition, concept and mechanism of addiction as well as the history of drug abuse in Iran and around the globe. Classification of illegal substances and finally various methods of treatments are also discussed.

A practical method for smoking cessation and illegal substance abandonment using hypnosis is elaborated in another important chapter of the book.

strongly suggest all university students, professors and researches to study the above mentioned book.


• Author: Dr.Saed Ahmadi, Clinical psychologist & psychotherapist
• Number of pages: 400
• Price: 6000 Tomans
• Publisher: Modabber Publication
How to control negative thoughts, fear and anxiety
Whenever we accept an idea, we turn it alive… Our thoughts are in constant motion gust like the tremendous waves of an enormous ocean… But the truth is that we are beyond our thoughts.

We own our thoughts and they are not our owners. This book explains mental distress causing factors and methods of coping with them in details.
The formation processes for negative thoughts, fear and anxiety as well as a number of practical techniques to deal with them are discussed in this book. Ideas expressed in this book are the outcome of many years of experience of the author and are entirely practical.

We recommend reading this book to all walks of life.


• Author: Dr.Saed Ahmadi, Clinical psychologist & psychotherapist
• Number of pages: 157
• Price: 5000 Tomans
• Publisher: Yaran-e-Mehr Publication
Art of Yoga

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