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Yoga Classes

 Stress is a root cause of all diseases. Managing stress is learning a new psychological approach to your life. This is the real challenge. However, a much easier way to tackle stress is to practice yoga.

Yogic simple stretches and postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques can reduce tension from your body and mind.

Our "three – month yoga program for stress relief" is divided in to two parts and is suitable for all ages and condition.
The first part opens with a series of simple stretches which loosen up your body and prepare you for the classic posture which relieves muscle spasms and alleviate the type of back discomfort which is caused by stress and tension. As you progress can go through a short relaxation technique in the lying position.

The second part consists of few breathing exercises and meditation techniques to calm the mind. You can directly attend this program under the supervision of Mrs. Maya.

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